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Do you love being outside?

Some people actually like to sit behind a desk all day. Not us. At Stark Landscape, we love feeling the sun on our backs, getting our hands dirty, playing with machines, and being proud at the end of the day that we got the job done - and we did it right.

Stark Landscape maintains hundreds of commercial properties in the Treasure Valley. Banks, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, retail businesses, and more. Pull into any local Costco or the Boise Towne Square Mall. The trees, shrubs, grass, sprinkler systems you see? That’s our work.

Stark Landscape takes care of the outside, so our customers can focus on the inside. 

We are looking to grow our team with responsible, hard working individuals who understand how important it is to make a good first impression. We promise to listen to your ideas, say thank you for your efforts, show you how to do things correctly, and give you responsibility when you’re ready, so you can take pride in your work.

Three Reasons to Join Us

Have fun with people you like.

Learn, grow, and advance quickly.

Enjoy great benefits + overtime pay.

Trying to decide what job is best for you?

Want to make something beautiful out of nothing?

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Want to send water flowing in the right direction?

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22 Years and Counting!

Our great company was established in 1999. Our team at Stark Landscape, Inc. believes customer relations are of the utmost importance. We never leave a project unfinished or a customer unsatisfied.

Don't just do lawns. Be a good landscaper at Stark Landscape.

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